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salon suite decor design

We've heard this question time and time again.  Why should I hire a salon suite designer?  The answer is will save you money in the long run


You've found your perfect location and bought all your necessary salon equipment., and now you're wondering where to place everything.  Making the most of every inch in your salon suite is crucial.  By working with a designer here at Hello Alford, you end up saving yourself so much time and unnecessary hassle because we know exactly what it takes to designing a great looking suite that also functions efficiently.

There are interior designers and then there are "salon suite" designers.  The difference is massive!  Hello Alford offers turnkey services, meaning we help salon suite owners from start to finish.  We come in with a blank slate and help with everything from a space plan, to cabinet selection, to the accent colors.  We fully customize your space with your individuality in mind; with an awesome floor plan and smooth traffic flow.

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