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Our aim is to ensure that premium laundry services are accessible to all budget ranges. We believe that everyone deserves the highest quality care for their garments, regardless of their financial constraints. To achieve this, we offer flexible pricing options and tailor our services to accommodate various budgetary needs. We strive to make luxury laundry solutions attainable for everyone, without compromising on the excellence of our service.

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Finding the right price has never been simpler.

Have your laundry taken care of precisely when you need it most, with no contracts or subscriptions required.

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What is the weight of my laundry load?

Estimating the weight of your laundry without resorting to stepping onto a scale with your bag can be a challenge. A standard 13-gallon kitchen bag typically accommodates around 22 pounds of laundry, equivalent to approximately two loads. However, first-time users often underestimate. We recommend starting with a smaller load to experience our service and understand the associated costs. For newcomers to Hello Alford, consider sending pants, shirts, socks, and underwear initially, omitting sheets and towels. We're confident you'll find our pricing surprisingly affordable, but ensuring your first impression is positive is our priority. As a reference point, regular customers typically spend about $50 per week.*

*Special pricing may be applicable to larger items in bulk. For specific information, kindly contact our Customer Service team.

How about handling the laundry on my own?

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