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New Customer Guide

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Hello Alford Laundry Bag

For your initial pickup, please place your laundry in a bag clearly labeled with your name and 'For Hello Alford.' We suggest using a plastic or cloth bag, avoiding hampers or boxes that could be damaged during transportation. Upon delivery, you'll receive our blue Hello Alford laundry bag(s) to use for all future pickups.

Schedule a Pickup

If you haven't scheduled a pickup yet, make sure to do so now. You can easily schedule online.

Your Initial Pickup

Our drivers begin their routes as early as 7 a.m. and may continue pickups and drop-offs until the evening. On your pickup day, we'll notify you via email and/or text with your driver's estimated arrival time.

Extra Pickup and Delivery Guidelines

If our driver requires any specific instructions to locate your laundry, such as gate or key codes, please ensure to include this information in the 'Additional Pickup Instructions' section within your account.

Laundry Preferences

We are committed to meeting your laundry preferences precisely as you desire. We recommend taking a moment to review your preferences for detergent, softener, dryer settings, bleach, and folding. Have any other specific requests? Feel free to inform us in the 'Additional Laundry Instructions' section.

Hello Alford Tracking

We are excited to introduce our seamless laundry tracking system designed to keep you informed every step of the way, directly from your cell phone. Here's how it works:

  1. Intake: Once your laundry is picked up, you will receive a notification confirming its collection. You can log into your account on your cell phone to see that your laundry has been successfully received into our system.

  2. Washing: As soon as your laundry enters the washing process, you'll receive another notification. Through your account, you can track the progress of your laundry as it undergoes the washing cycle, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

  3. Drying: Once washed, your laundry moves to the drying stage. You'll be promptly notified of this transition, allowing you to monitor each step in real-time.

  4. Folding: After drying, your laundry is meticulously folded. Again, you'll receive a notification confirming this stage, and you can observe the process through your account.

  5. Delivery: Finally, when your freshly laundered clothes are ready for delivery, you'll receive a notification with the expected delivery time. Through your account, you can track the delivery progress until your laundry arrives at your doorstep.

All of these updates and tracking functionalities are conveniently accessible through your account on your cell phone. This ensures that you are always in the loop and can monitor the status of your laundry at your convenience.

Calculating Your Expenses

Figuring out the weight of your laundry without stepping onto a scale with your laundry bag can be challenging. To provide some guidance, a standard 13-gallon kitchen bag typically holds about 22 pounds of laundry, equivalent to one to two loads. However, first-time users often underestimate the weight of their laundry. We recommend starting with a smaller load to experience the exceptional service and gain an understanding of the associated costs. We are confident that you'll recognize the value of our service, but our priority is ensuring your first experience is a positive one.


For reference, our regular customers typically spend around $50 per week on our services.

Tough Stains

If you have clothing with stains, kindly place them in a separate bag. Additionally, include a note in your account's 'Additional Laundry Instructions' to ensure we give them extra care. If possible, pretreat the stains beforehand, as it improves our chances of effectively removing them.

Need More Information? We're Here to Help.

For assistance, reach out to our Customer Service team at or call (833) 408-0924. We're here to assist you.

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