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salon suite painting

painting 2.jpg

You're a business owner in the beauty industry.  It can be for hair, nails, massage, eyelash extension (the list can go on and on), first impressions are very important. The first thing clients will see as they enter your salon suite are the color of your walls, so it’s important that what they see is pleasing to the eye. A fresh coat of paint often transforms a salon suite and can give your clients a great first impression. 


What's that you say?  You've built your clientele up so everyone has been to your suite many times.  Often times we get used to looking at something that is familiar that we often overlook scuff marks on our walls, maybe color splashed back while your client was processing and now its stained, or perhaps the fingernail polish bottle you broke last month is still on the wall as well.  Your clients can see that. 


Our team can help you choose a color that will truly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your salon suite and help you revamp your space.  Sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint to completely change the way you feel about your space and environment.

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